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Septa Mordane would be so proud, and in all honesty, so would my Grandmother!

There are so many Kim Possible jokes I could make right now but I’m holding back because there are more important things to discuss.. like, say, for example the concept of the digital and the material becoming interwoven (get it, woven). This week, instead of having eye-sight and sleep, I decided to represent the merge of digital and tangible in the form of a cross-stitched QR code. This stitch is loosely (and I say loosely because the proportions are out and the code doesn’t actually work.. sigh) based on the QR code that takes you to this very page! Despite the fact that the code itself doesn’t scan, the stitch still stands for something (alliteration at its finest)!!
Ahh the thrill of convergence! The adrenaline of cross-stitching!
Is this Hyperreality? Or is this just fantasy? Is my stitching on par with the Intelligent Glass concept, or the solar-roadways? Watch this video and make a decision for yourself. At this stage my stitch is just art because it serves no practical purpose, but it does serve meaning: that the digital and material world can coexist.

On a side note: Hi Grandma, I know you read my blogs and it wouldn’t be a fair reference without saying that you inspired me this week! Give Barney a pat from me and i’ll have you know that I’ve been turning my tea-pot in the correct anti-clockwise and clockwise motions before drinking it. I also own 4 teapots. You’d be proud. I’ll visit soon!

10 thoughts on “What’s The Stitchuation?

  1. I’m loving the stitch as just art idea here. Art historian Arthur Danto, in his great book Transfiguration of the Commonplace, looks at the use of everyday things as art objects, and asks what it is that’s transformed when the object is just itself, or when it becomes Art. What you’re doing here takes this in the other direction. When is this not just art?

    So glad Ted shared this with me, it’s a thing of great joy.


    1. thank you very much Kate!
      At this stage, the stitch itself doesn’t scan properly, but I’m hoping that my next one will work. It’s all trial and error at the moment! I’d love to do a little series of stitches that represent media and convergence, just as a side project from uni! Maybe Arthur Danto will give me some ideas! Thank you again for your comment!


      1. That’s such a great idea. I’m going to try to get Frances Bell (@francesbell) and Megan McPherson (@MeganJMcPherson) to swing by here as they have some similar interests in the materiality of craft and networks.


  2. Hey Bella,
    This turned out so much better than i expected really good job on this one you champ! Its a shame that the code doesn’t work but still i love your concept and the transformation you have literally created yourself. Great job looking forward to seeing more of your work!


  3. You are very creative way to integrate digital and material! Such a shame it doesn’t work but the theory is still relevant here in making something tangible that you can have to represent your blog.


  4. How awesome are you!!! Using puns and stitching a QR code! I’m impressed! The theory you’ve applied to this works, even if the code itself doesn’t, and you’ve definitely embodied (or embroidered. Ha.) the idea that animation and digital creation is the layering of objects, because that is essentially what stitching is.


  5. Such a creative idea! Amazingly done. Its a shame the QR code doesn’t scan, but the theory behind it still works. Love the puns in the explanation. Great job!!


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